Who is a Project Manager (PM)?

Simply put, a Project Manager (PM) is the person responsible for delivering on the objectives of a project. He/She is responsible for deploying resources towards the achievement of set goals. Projects are ubiquitous in that all industries and practically all organisations carry out projects. As […]

Prerequisites to becoming a Project Manager

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), arguably the foremost association of project managers in the world, a project manager requires a mix of Technical Project Management Knowledge, Strategic and Business Management Skills Leadership Skills While the first item can be gotten via training, the […]

How do you position yourself as a PM?

There are 3 things you need to do; Attend relevant Training to gain Knowledge Acquire Experience to become Skillful in the practice of project management and Obtain credible Certifications to Validate your Knowledge and Experience and gain Recognition #Note that the above mentioned activities will […]

The Project Manager Journey

Having established that you require a mix of training as well as on the job experience to become a PM, let us give suggestions on how you can navigate your way to the zenith of the project management profession. Career Timeline Training Recommended Certification Experience […]