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About OAK Interlink

Top Quality Delivery by Subject Matter Experts.

OAK Interlink Company Limited is a multidiscipline training and consulting outfit which seeks to help organisations optimize performance, increase profitability and improve their business processes. OAK Interlink provides customized corporate training, onsite seminars, employee development workshops and business advisory services. Our training and advisory services are delivered on the clients’ schedule and designed around their budget. We utilize top subject matter experts to provide the highest quality learning experience for our clients.

The OAK Edge

Globally Recognized Certificate

With our strategic relationship with International professional and certification bodies, we award internationally recognized certifications.


All our courses are delivered by expert trainers and we provide unparalleled support towards exam registration and preparations towards certification. This includes additional resources, practice questions and consultations.

Our Approach

OAK Interlink training method and approach is one of the best in the world as it incorporates adult learning techniques including videos, quizzes, question and answers, exercises, explanations, real life scenarios, etc.

Industry Leaders

OAK Interlink training involves the best industry leaders, who share their experience, knowledge and tips with our students.


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