An affordable, flexible and effective program to develop exceptional performers in any organization (Closing the gap in competency skills among the workforce)

About this program

One of the significant challenges organisations face in Nigeria is that of quality and reliable employees. A number of times, the challenge is the lack of technical know-how but often times, the issues are based around the attitude of the worker and a general lack of basic soft skills that are critical to ensuring the success of the enterprise.
It is a well-known fact that organisations that thrive do so because there are exceptional people driving them. Your organisation may not always be able to employ already-made exceptional workers because of the scarcity of such workers in today’s marketplace. You can however develop your current team to become exceptional. Developing your existing team ensures that you do not need to take on persons who will start afresh on your organisations learning curve and it also deepens their loyalty to your organisation.
The Exceptional Worker 4 days training programme provides an affordable, flexible and effective avenue for organisations, especially Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) to train their team members to deliver exceptional work irrespective of the role they may have in the organisation or the industry you operate in.
Program Structure
The TEW programme has a unique structure that delivers value to your organisation in the following ways;

• Flexible schedule that ensures all your team members can attend without disrupting your work.
• Flexible arrangement that allows you to have your team members attend only the Programs they are most in need of to improve their performance on the job.
• Affordable pricing that ensures your training budget is not overstretched
• Effective delivery methodology that leverages on a stretched-out schedule which allows participants sufficient time to absorb the learning points and also deploy them at the workplace. Our methodology also includes “monitored assignments” that ensure participants remain engaged after the training for a reasonable period to ensure they imbibe the course learning outcomes.
• The inclusion of a Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a framework that helps participants map their career path and ensures they commit to a growth plan. This plan is monitored by our team over the course of the program.
• World-class training content and effective delivery methodology

Program Content

Program 1 – Effective Communication and Presentation Skills – this includes Report Writing, Making Presentations, Phone Etiquettes, etc.
Program 2 – Leadership, Teamwork and Conflict Management – this includes Understanding Team Work, Conflict Management and Interpersonal Skills.
Program 3 – Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Program 4 – Essential Selling Skills
Program 5 – Planning and Organizational Skills – this includes Essentials of Office Administration, Operations Excellence and Time Management
Program 6 – Customer Service Excellence
Program 7 – Project Management Basics
Program 8 – Technology for Business – this includes Fundamentals of MS Excel and PowerPoint, Introduction to Digital Marketing and Effective Online Research
Program 9 – Developing Critical Analytical Skills – this includes Decision-Making, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving, Innovation, Creativity and Future Thinking
Program 10 – Becoming a Better You – this includes Secrets of Career Growth and Effectiveness, Future Planning and Personal Development Planning

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