10 Eye-Opening Stats on the Power of Employee Training

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10 Eye-Opening Stats on the Power of Employee Training

Employee training isn’t just another task on the corporate checklist—it’s one of the secrets to the success of an organization. Today in the corporate world, change is the only constant, and investing in employee development isn’t just wise; it’s essential. Let’s dive into 10 compelling statistics and facts that shed light on why employee training is more than just a box to tick.

  1. According to this article on Mindspring companies with robust training programs see a whopping 218% higher revenue or profit per employee compared to those without structured training. 
  2. This article by Devlin Peck also says that when employees receive the training they need and crave, companies witness a 17% surge in productivity. 
  3. In a blog post about the value of employee training, the Lorman team reported that nearly 59% of employees report not receiving formal workplace training, relying instead on self-teaching for skill acquisition. This means they are able to adapt, but it also highlights a gap that needs filling.
  4. To further their point, the Lorman team also found that 74% of workers are eager to learn new skills or retrain to stay relevant in the job market. It’s a clear signal that employees are willing to roll up their sleeves and evolve with the times.
  5. In an article about how to keep millennials motivated in the workplace, it was found that millennials are vocal about the importance of learning and development in the workplace, with a staggering 87% stressing its significance.
  6. Development opportunities aren’t just perks; they’re deal-breakers. For 59% of millennials, the presence of such opportunities significantly influences their job application decisions.
  7. Career advancement satisfaction seems to be on the decline, with only 29% of employees feeling “very satisfied” with the growth prospects within their organization according to this article by HR cloud.
  8. In 2022, Praveen Matthews found that 74% of surveyed employees feel they’re not reaching their full potential due to a lack of development opportunities. 
  9. For 76% of millennials, professional development opportunities rank high on their checklist when evaluating company culture. What does this mean? That it’s not just about the paycheck; it’s about growth.
  10. Just last year, this article by Chinny Verana was published about how offering additional skills training can be a game-changer for companies, with 76% of employees admitting it would make a company more appealing as an employer.

These statistics paint a clear picture: employee training isn’t just an investment; it’s a necessity for thriving in today’s corporate world. It boosts productivity and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. So, let’s embrace the opportunity to unlock the full potential of our teams through meaningful development initiatives. After all, when employees succeed, so does the company.

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