Learn a new skill that will make you employable globally, a skill that will increase your chances of being hired, promoted and increase your earning power.

Do you know that obtaining a certification in your field or even an entirely new field greatly enhances your career.

Projects are everywhere!!! Research for instance in the IT industry shows that professionals who are certified before their first position are 50% more likely to get a promotion within one year of first being hired than "never certified" IT professionals.

Increased rate of promotions- they are promoted almost twice as often as noncertified IT professionals.

CompTIA-certified IT professionals consistently outperform non-certified IT professionals in most security-related activities and network administration activities.

Professional influence- Certified IT professionals have up to 30% greater influence overall than noncertified IT professionals with the same tenure.


Especially now, it is critical for everyone to learn new skills, upskill and rightskill. Learning new things as never been more important than it is now!

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While some careers are becoming obsolete and facing a difficult future, the project management discipline is on the rise because of the need for more and more project managers in all industries, especially on digital projects.

Projects are everywhere!!! This is one common denominator in every company and in every industry and in every country across the globe. All organisations embark on projects as such they will need people that are knowledgeable in that area to help them navigate through their projects.

The Project Management online training method and approach is one of the best in the world as it incorporates adult learning techniques including videos, quizzes, question and answers, exercises, explanations, and real life scenarios.

Good news is that you can become a globally recognized and employable project management professional by joining this course today.

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Adetoun Ogunlabi || Oak Onterlink Testimonial

It's a great experience training under Oak interlink company Thank you for being a remarkable teacher. I personally like that you take time to emphasise on key points and put real-life examples around them, which makes it interesting and easy to comprehend, even to a novice as I was regarding Project Management when I started, but not the case anymore. I was also impressed because the Project Management Professional training I underwent was online and yet flawless. I really look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for a job well done!

Adetoun Ogunlabi

Technical Professional , Haliburton Energy Services

The PMP certification is known as the gold standard for project management. It is the most popular and the most transferable project management certification across industries and countries there is. You can't go wrong with the PMP certification.

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