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Projects are not executed by one person. There are several stakeholders with a vested interest in each of them. Project managers are the ones that are tasked with organizing, tracking and overseeing the teams, but it cannot be handled by PM’s alone.

There will be hundreds of workers working to make sure everything is going smoothly, depending on the size of the organisation or project. Projects are known for producing piles of documentation. Someone has the paper trail to keep track of.

The individual who helps out is called the project administrator. In the context of a project, they are one of the most significant individuals working. They are not just paper-pushers; they are in charge of keeping the project going forward and making sure that everyone has what they need.

What is a Project Administrator?

A project administrator is responsible for assisting with much of the project management tasks. As the name suggests, they care for the project-related administrative work. There is a wide range of activities, ranging from being in touch with contractors, arranging appointments, sourcing of equipment, visiting worksites and assisting with reporting.

Several sectors, such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, science and more, employ project administrators. In organizations that handle more complex jobs, they tend to find employment and therefore require larger project teams. The project administrator is the right hand of the project manager in many ways, engaging with a smaller task, so the project manager can concentrate on the bigger ones.

Because of this, a position of project administrator may be a stepping stone for working as a project manager. Throughout the project cycle, they are in lockstep with the project manager and almost earn an apprentice in the field. That is not to say that a project administrator can simply step up to become a project manager. They should understand the methodology and even get certified first. It is advised that they understand the techniques and also get accredited first. But then it’s a great experience on-the-job.

Primary Duties of a Project Administrator

―Make telephone calls
― Keep track of project costs and budgets
― Assist in setting up project meetings
― At meetings, manage the minute-taking
― Develop venues
― Assist with schedules
― Keep up to date on the project calendar
― Administrative obligation
― Projects track
― Providing recommendations for improving efficiencies
― Maintain compliance rules
― Assess the efficiency of workers
― Recruit contractors

Of course, these roles vary depending on the organisation and the project. t But suffice it to say, the project administrator takes the smaller tasks off the desk of the project manager, or schedules work for the project manager to do. It is a perfect way to get an inside look at the management of projects and improve applicable skills.

Usually, the project administrator reports to the project manager, but this again depends on the company. Some projects, for instance, have a project coordinator, project manager, assistant project manager, etc. The project coordinator would possibly report to the next in command if this is the case, who would then transfer the data up the ladder to get to the project manager finally.

Skill Set of Successful Project Administrators

Speaking of qualifications, what does the future project administrator need in order to be eligible for the job? Again, before we begin, it is important to remember that each organization is distinct and that their specifications differ. What follows is a general overview of what most managers are looking for when a project administrator is hired.

Education is important, especially for those with little or no experience who are applying. Employers are, for the most part, searching for applicants who have a business degree. If the individual looking to fill the position has worked in project management in different capacities for a long time, then a high school diploma may be appropriate.

We listed certification, and it will certainly play in your favor to have begun or graduated from any of the accredited project management certification programs. If you’re looking for anything more than an entry-level project administrator role, then certification is highly recommended. Usually, senior project managers are well-qualified, certified, experienced and even master’s degrees in the field.

Employers are looking for candidates who are well structured and are familiar with at least the fundamentals of project management in terms of work-related skills, such as planning, time management, task management, etc. The applicant should ideally have supervisory skills, be computer literate, particularly with project management software, and have good oral and written communication skills. Professionalism and being prompt, constructive and open to new things is a must. It is also a valuable advantage to speak more than just one language.

Project Administrator Salary

The pay of a project administrator is dependent on experience and varies wildly depending on location. That said, the average annual salary that the administrator should expect in Nigeria is around ₦25,179,000.00.

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