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Below are the courses combined with the Project Management Professional Certification Course

Process Improvement skills have become one of the most sought after competencies in organisations across the world today. Due to its proven benefits to organisations of all sizes, quality management skills and the demand for personals to do it is growing at a rapid pace.

Lean methodologies deal with methods and techniques to reduce wastes or non-value-added activities in order to be more efficient in serving the end customer. Wasteful activities are process steps that either the customer is not willing to pay for or are not critical to the creation of value for the customer. Elimination or reduction of these activities will result in tremendous savings for the business. It has been estimated that between 15% and 50% of typical companies’ resources are devoted to rework and non-value added tasks that could be avoided but usually they are not even uncovered: they become hidden costs.

Another obvious way of increasing productivity is to reduce waste through improved work processes, through quality inputs by getting employees to work smarter rather than harder, thus enabling greater output at cheaper cost of operation or production.

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