This interactive and thought-provoking seminar teaches participants the customer service tips and techniques every service reps needs to handle even the most difficult service challenges.  We’re not talking rocket science.  But we are talking about what it really takes to meet customer service expectations and then taking it one step further to thoroughly delight customers every time. 

Training uses real customer service situations

– both good and bad.


From delivering bad news to customers to anticipating customer needs, this session makes handling even tough service challenges possible – if not easy.  Cases and exercises used in this interactive, instructor-led training are tailored to your industry and your organization to make this a truly relevant and valuable learning experience. 


The session is designed for new and experienced service reps.  All participants will discover new approaches, be reminded of tips and techniques too often overlooked, and develop a personal action plan to improve service throughout the customer contact process. 
The skills developed in this session will enhance your organization’s customer centered process by developing the skills, credibility and consistency of your customer service reps.

Training Benefits

  • Improve the quality of customer service delivered
  • Decrease the number of lost customers due to poor service
  • Deliver service that earns the praise of customers and clients
  • Increase customer loyalty by better meeting their expectations
  • Develop the ability to transform customer conflict into customer cooperation
  • Defuse the angry, cynical customer more successfully

Overview of Concepts and Deliverables Provided in this Seminar

  • Anticipate customer needs and expectations more accurately
  • Develop expert listening techniques that tell your customers they have your undivided attention
  • Effectively respond to unreasonable demands
  • Deliver bad news without overly upsetting the customer
  • Make customers feel they’re receiving top level service even when you can’t deliver everything they want
  • Help customers realize when they’re wrong and come up with a face-saving solution
  • Build and maintain telephone customer relationships
  • Respond diplomatically to the most demanding customers
  • Defuse customer emotions and create positive outcomes
  • Tactfully handle the most difficult customers