Attendance on this new Advanced Health & Safety, Security and Environment training course will clearly demonstrate how forward looking individuals and organisations can achieve commitment in establishing and maintaining safe and secure working conditions that also totally respect the physical environment they occupy.

Incorporating good leadership skills HSSE brings together three fields of expertise, all of which come under the auspices of an Integrated Management System. To ensure that you are part of this continued successful approach attendance of this advanced training course is essential and will provide you with the new competencies required to lead in this demanding combined field.

Course Features:

  • Leadership Safety Excellence
  • Roles, Responsibilities, Accountability and Authority
  • Organisational and Environmental Risk, Threats and Impact Perspectives
  • Incident & Accident Investigations & Reporting
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response and Business Resilience & Recovery
  • Security Management, protection of people, assets, reputation & data
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle for continual improvement

Course Benefits:

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Design new leadership traits that can and will make the difference
  • Develop the necessary communication skills to work with all stakeholders
  • Develop rational problem solving and decision-making skills for emergencies
  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to investigate all adverse events
  • Enhance your Safety and Security Management leadership skills

Who is this Training Course for?

This Advanced training course in HSE is ideal to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit those persons responsible for leading Health & Safety, Security and Environment projects or departments within an organisation at a global, regional or local level. Directors, Departmental heads, HSSE managers and advisors. And others interested in developing safety, security and environmental leadership skills from tomorrow’s best practices.

How will this Training Course be Presented?

This Advanced training course will utilise a variety of proven highly interactive adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes syndicate and individual exercises, relevant DVD and case studies and role-play exercises. A comprehensive hard and e-version of the course manual including copies of all slides, hand-outs and checklists will be provided.