Document control and management is vitally important to any organization. It provides the means to share the correct information at the right time. Although this is a very desirable outcome, actually realizing these results is a significant challenge. To compound the challenges faced, business is continually changing with additional variables being introduced all the time (e.g., changes in staffing, changes in customer requirements, changes in management requirements, etc.). As a result, hundreds of hours are needlessly wasted attempting to manage documents.
Some challenges that this course will address include;
Inability to search and quickly find desired documents
Administering one “single source of truth” where all the latest and greatest versions of a document can be found
Managing to rigorous internal and external compliance requirements
Managing and tracking each change to documents
Using the wrong version of a document
Confusion due to the documents lack of consistency
Unauthorized changes made and used in day to day operations
Non-value added administration time in managing directories, files, and emails in order to coordinate the approval and distribution process.

The concept of document control is centered on the need to ensure traceability, good retrieval system, approvals (authority), legibility, protection and storage of documents and this is detailed in Clause 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 of ISO9001

Learning Outcomes include;
Document Management Overview
Quality Management System Documentation- ISO9001
Management System for Records- ISO30301
Essential Elements of Document Control
Duties and Responsibilities of Document Controller
Introduction to Ethical Hacking
How to Set-up a DCC
EDMS- Electronics Document Management System

Course Outline

Overview of Quality Management System Documentation – ISO9001 8, General Requirements, Documented quality policy and quality objectives, Quality Manual, Documented Procedures and Records Required by ISO9001, Documents and Records determined by the Organization for effective operations, Structure of Quality Management System (QMS), Typical Structure of QMS, Quality Policy and Objectives, Quality Manual, Mandatory Procedures and Records, Procedures and Records needed by the Organization to function effectively, Design of a Quality Management System, Introduction, Architectural Framework of a QMS, Overview of Management System for Records (MSR) – ISO30301, The Meaning of MSR, The Structure of Management System for Records, Context of the organization, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation
Performance Evaluation, The Seven (7) Principles of MSR


The Principles of Document Control, Document and Documentation, What is a document?, Type of Documents

Document Control and its essential elements, Stamps – Document Controller Tools, Document Control Database

Duties and Qualities of a Document Controller, Who is a Document Controller?, Duties and Qualities of a Document Controller, Filing and Numbering System, Filing System

Document Numbering System ,Simple flow of how to Set-up a DCC, EDMS – (Electronic Document Management System), Enterprise, Workflow, Imaging Ethical hacking, How to Be Ethical, Keeping It Legal

Summary, Essentials of Ethical Hacking

Who to Attend

This course is ideal for existing Document Controllers on projects, those aspiring to take on this role as well as persons saddled with the responsibility of treating documents within an organization.


2 Days