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Projects are one-off pieces of work that are completed within a fixed timescale. They are undertaken to create unique products and services. They usually contain a great deal of risk, uncertainty, and complexity that needs to be managed.

Projects are necessary for there to be a development in any business or nation. The challenge, however, is that management of projects could be complex especially if the requisite knowledge and skills are missing in those saddled with this responsibility.
According to the Standish Group’s (an international project information research company) 2009 Chaos Report, only 32% of projects succeed i.e. delivered to time, budget and customer expectations, 44% are challenged while 24% out rightly fail. This amounts to a huge waste of resources which could have been channelled towards development.

There are a series of project management approaches and tools to help organizations and governments reduce these risks, and create an effective platform to deliver project objectives. These approaches have been carefully documented over the years and they can be learnt.
Training in project management, especially one with a practical approach, can help participants gain the necessary knowledge and skills to appropriately utilize the project management tools and techniques to ensure success on their projects.

Our project management courses are in-depth, practical and insightful. Our subject matter experts utilize relevant international and local case studies and scenarios to provide the highest quality learning experience available. Our consultants are dedicated to providing participants and organisations with the most useful and up-to-date information for the greatest return on their training investment. Our process is designed to meet all of the client’s learning objectives.

Our project management courses are two-pronged. They help your team acquire skills that they can immediately deploy to their projects while preparing them for internationally accredited and recognized certification exams.


Projects usually involve a great deal of risk, uncertainty, and complexity that needs to be managed. This course is uniquely designed to help people who actually handle projects to acquire specific skills, approaches, and tools they’ll need to run projects successfully.

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification has become the most recognized credential for the practice of the rapidly evolving profession of project management. This PMBOK®-aligned course prepares participants for the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification examination (as well as the Certified Associate in Project Management CAPM exam) and raises your project management skills to a more advanced level of performance.
If you are looking at improving yourself, improving the chances of landing a better job, growing your career, becoming internationally sellable and employable and achieving great success, register now and enjoy 50% discount, expert trainer support and guide on how to pass the PMP exam at the first attempt.

Note: The program is spread through the four Saturdays of every month.

Areas that will be covered

    • Project Management Framework
    • This covers the project management life cycle, the project management processes, description of stakeholders and the entire framework by which projects are to be managed.
    • Project Integration Management
    • Develop Project Charter (Initiating)
    • Develop Project Management Plan (Planning)
    • Direct and Manage Project Execution (Executing)
    • Monitor and Control Project Work (M&C)
    • Perform Integrated Change Control (M&C)
    • Close Project or Phase (Closing)
    • Project Scope Management
    • Collect Requirements (Planning)
    • Define Scope (Planning)
    • Create WBS (Planning)
    • Verify Scope (M&C)
    • Control Scope (M&C)
    • Project Time Management
    • Define Activities (Planning)
    • Sequence Activities (Planning)
    • Estimate Activity Resources (Planning)
    • Estimate Activity Duration (Planning)
    • Develop Schedule (Planning)
    • Control Schedule (M&C)
    • Project Cost Management
    • Estimate Costs (Planning)
    • Determine Budget (Planning)
    • Control Cost (M&C)
    • Project Quality Management
    • Plan Quality (Planning)
    • Perform Quality Assurance (Executing)
    • Perform Quality Control (M&C)
    • Project Human Resources Management
    • Develop Human Resource Plan (Planning)
    • Acquire Project Team (Executing)
    • Develop Project Team (Executing)
    • Manage Project Team (Executing)
    • Project Communication Management
    • Identify Stakeholders (Initiating)
    • Plan Communications (Planning)
    • Distribute Information (Executing)
    • Manage Stakeholder Expectations (Executing)
    • Report Performance (M&C)
    • Project Risk Management
    • Plan Risk Management (Planning)
    • Identify Risks (Planning)
    • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis (Planning)
    • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis (Planning)
    • Plan Risk Responses (Planning)
    • Monitor and Control Risks (M&C)
    • Project Procurement Management
    • Plan Procurements (Planning)
    • Conduct Procurements (Executing)
    • Administer Procurements (M&C)
    • Close Procurements (Closing)
    • Project Stakeholder Management
    • Project Stakeholder Management
    • Identify Stakeholders
    • Manage Stakeholders
    • Professional and Social Responsibilities of the PMP
    • Guidance on how to register for the PMP exams and membership of the PMI


Who to attend

This program is designed for project team members that need to understand high-level project management concepts.

  • Persons new to project management may also join the class.
  • Managers and project managers seeking PMP certification.
  • Mid-career professionals who seek to further develop their project management skills.


4 Days



  • This event has passed.
  • Start Time
    January 23, 2021 @ 9:00 am
  • End Time
    January 31, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Organizer
    Oak Interlink Company Limited
  • Location
    No 70B Olorunlogbon Street, Idi-Iroko, Anthony Village
    Lagos, Nigeria
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