Working at Height (Fall Protection, Working and Walking Surfaces)

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About Course

The Walking-Working Surfaces standard can be viewed from the perspective of two major categories: One relates to the hazards associated with falls at the same level, and the other relates to the hazards associated with falls from elevated surfaces. This course touches on several areas of consideration such as maintaining a clean workplace, providing safe access to and egress from any horizontal or vertical surface on or through which a person walks, works, or gains access to a workplace location. The requirements include those surfaces inside work facilities as well as on company property. The primary purpose of this standard is to provide adequate protection from falls by addressing conditions in the work areas and building structures.

Falls can be from height or from the same level. While falls from heights are considered primarily as falls, those from the same level are called trips and slips. These 3 categories are discussed in this module with an emphasis on how to prevent and control falls. This course category discusses the regulations for fall protection as well as equipment for fall protection and control. These include fall arrester, guard rails, nets, etc.

Scaffolding Safety – It is required that the erection and dismantling of scaffolds must be carried out under the supervision of a competent worker who is knowledgeable and experienced in such operations. This aspect of the course provides guidance and the knowledge base for participants to learn all they need to know to be able to supervise and work in scaffolding operations safely.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Rules and Regulations applicable to working at heights;
  • Systems and procedures for working at heights;
  • Risk analysis and hindering conditions;
  • Potential risks inherent in working at height and measures for prevention and control;
  • Personal protective equipment for working at heights: Selection, Inspection, Maintenance and Usage limitation;
  • Typical accidents in working at heights;
  • Comments on the use of scaffolding.

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Course Curriculum

Course Instructions
1. After completing a lesson, click on "Complete Lesson" and get a green "tick" against the lesson 2. Once all lessons are completed, click on "Go to Course Home" and click on "Complete Course" 3. Click on "View/Download Certificate" to view or download your certificate. Ready, Set, Start Learning!

Introduction to Fall Protection

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Fall Protection
  • Module 1 Quiz Intro to FP

Fall Protection

  • Module 2 – Fall Protection
  • Module 2 Quiz FP

Fall Protection Systems

  • Module 3A – Fall Protection System
  • Module 3A Quiz Fall Protection System
  • Module 3B – Personal Fall Arrest System
  • Module 3B Quiz Personal Fall Arrest System
  • Video Case

Fall Protection Overview

  • FP Video Overview
  • Fall Protection, Stairways, and Ladders – Extended Reading
  • Fall Protection Course Assignment – Working with Ladders

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