Course Instructions

Pre Course Test?

The aim of this pre course test is to measure your perception of what Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is and also to know your current knowledge on Occupational Safety and Health. Some of the questions are general OSH questions that may not be treated in this module but in the OSH Advanced module. They are however included here so as to interest you in varied concepts that are part of the OSH Body of Knowledge. Please attempt all questions. Welcome to the OSH Basic Diploma Course The test contains 20 questions

Module 1 – Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health

Module 2 – Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Principles

Module 3 – Health and Safety Program and Regulations

Module 4 – Managing Health and Safety

Module 5 – Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Module 6 – Providing a Safe Workplace

Module 7 – Tools of the Safety Auditor (Hazard Analysis)

Module 8 – Tools of the Safety Auditor (Safety Inspection)

Module 9 – Tools of the Safety Auditor (Accident Investigation)

Final Course Assessment

Course Instructions

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2. Once all lessons are completed, click on “Go to Course Home” and click on “Complete Course” 

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