Lean Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement.
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Course Fee :180,000
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Date: 23rd, 30th of Oct. and 6th of Nov. 2021
Time: 9am-4pm each day
Venue: Kristina Jade Learning center | 70b, Olorunlogbon Street, Anthony Village, Lagos.
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Lean is a Methodology for Identifying and Eliminating Waste, and Improving Flow for a Process. It helps Us Integrate Less Effort, Less Inventory, Less Time To Produce High Quality Product/ Service In the Most Timely, Efficient And Economical Manner Possible Six Sigma is a Disciplined, Data-driven Methodology for Eliminating Defects in Any Process and Minimize Variability. The goal of Six Sigma is that for Every One Million Opportunities, the number of times we will miss (defects/ errors) will be 3.4!

Lean Six Sigma centers on business performance optimization by streamlining processes, eliminating
variation and waste, delivering customer focused and efficient business operation with a robust and
flexible process thereby reducing cost and boosting shareholders’ value. It has now become the most
effective problem solving methodology for improving business and organizational performance.
It is an authentic way to help organizations Minimize Mistakes, Maximize Value and Do More with
Less. It has been adopted in the Financial Sector, Telecoms, Insurance, Hospitality, Health,
Manufacturing, Military, Education, Agricultural, Government, and other Service Industries.

The skill is highly sought after worldwide as it helps Organizations achieve:
• The Shortest Possible Lead Times for Providing Products and Services
• The Optimum Level of Inventory and Employees
• The Highest Practical Customer Service Level
• The Highest Possible Quality (low defect rate)
• And Lowest Possible Waste

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The program will be conducted through lectures, exercises, video sessions, role plays, class discussions,
and case studies.
Formative and Summative assessment will be conducted in the course of the training
Sessions of lectures illustrated with examples based on real cases. Practical exercises based on case study
including role playing and oral presentations
The learning will have four fundamental principles which will be:
• Highly engaging (methods that talk to the ‘head and heart’)
• Interactive (mix of experience, discussion and practice)
• Innovative (latest thinking & tools) and
• Encourage participation (a ‘Socratic’ learning methodology applied) so that delegates
take ownership of their own development and future behavior.