You can become an OAK Interlink Affiliate Partner and begin to earn 30% commission on the listed course fee for every person you successfully register (using your assigned unique registration code – URC) for our courses.

4 Easy Steps to earning BIG!

  1. Register as an affiliate on our website by completing the registration form
  2. Our team would respond to your registration within 24 hours and allocate you a unique registration code (URC) that you would use for all your transactions and that your customers would register with for all our courses. You would be invited for an onboarding session and added to the Affiliate Whatsapp Group (AWG) where all necessary support and information would be provided for you to make a success of your new venture.
  3. Start inviting your family, friends, colleagues and wider network to register and pay for our upcoming courses using your unique registration code (URC).
  4. Get paid every time you make a sale.

NOTE: You are eligible to receive payment for only the referrals that use your URC to register for a course.