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10 Amazing Tools to Boost Productivity While Working Remotely

To attain a high level of excellence while working remotely, you need to be a productivity junkie – and one very interesting way to achieve that is to engage in productivity tools. These tools help you attain a high level of commitment to excellence and plan intelligently.

Here are 10 widely used apps that are sure to help you boost productivity while working remotely from wherever you are in 2021.

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Slack is a great communication tool, and it’s the perfect team collaboration software. Its sole purpose is to unify your entire team interactions, while also allowing integration with apps you use every day, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. However, the add-ins aren’t compulsory, you can still seamlessly make good use of the collaboration tool to interact with co-workers via the channels (group chat), direct message conversations, and more.

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Asana is another collaboration tool that helps keep assigned tasks for individual team members organized. This software might prove less useful for solo workers, but a great asset for assigning various users different jobs. Asana is free for the first month, after which you will be required to pay $21/month for five members. The cost increases with respect to the number of team member additions.

Google docs/ google calendar

Google Drive (along with Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets) makes it easy to share and edit an array of files. Team members can even chat and share notes from within a document. It’s free, awesome, and not worth missing out on. 


Zoom makes video conferencing seamless, using cloud computing. If you are taking your work remote or hosting conferences, this is surely a real power tool you can engage, to interact with over 500 participants at a go. It offers high-quality audio and HD video conferencing, private passworded room creation, easy join features, and also screen sharing functionalities.


Hootsuite is great for social media managers and digital marketing specialists, as it is tremendously helpful when managing various social media accounts. On the same platform, you can monitor all your social activities across networks in one easy-to-use dashboard, which lets you schedule posts, delegate social assignments to team members, organize Twitter lists and followers, measure performance, and more.


Grammarly’s writing app makes sure everything you type is not only correct but also clear and easy to read. Grammarly’s algorithms flag potential issues in the text and make context-specific suggestions to help with grammar, spelling and usage, wordiness, style, punctuation, and even plagiarism. Grammarly has both free and paid versions, and it’s easy to integrate with your web browsers (especially Chrome and Mozilla Firefox). 


Just as the name implies, Pocket is a free light-weight service, which makes it easy for its users to discover, save and personalize awesome content – from articles to images to videos and more, when surfing the internet – giving them an opportunity to check out later. It’s your one-stop destination for reading engaging content, catching up on your favorite blogs and news sources, and watching videos that you discovered but weren’t in the right place to watch. Pocket syncs across devices easily so you can use it on any device of choice.

Hubspot Sales

HubSpot provides marketing automation features for small and large businesses, to help them sell more in less time. The tool helps to convert promising leads to successful deals. With it, you can create your own customized email templates and measure performance with them. It integrates with both Gmail and Outlook.


From notes, to photo organization, to reminders and more, Evernote helps you remember everything. It’s a reliable note-making app that helps you stay organized and get a lot done while synchronizing across your various desktop and mobile devices in real-time. Its bookmarklet makes it easy to clip web articles and store them for later reading. If you’re constantly jumping devices, this one is for you.


Toggl is a simple time tracker tool – just click the Toggl button and your timer begins! It’s a super simple, super-easy way to track the time it takes to complete various tasks. Toggl also lets you look at reports and see how much time you spent on different projects throughout the week.

Remember, time is money! Let us know which of these you currently use or will like to try in the comments section below.

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