Companies of any size rely on effective IT service management. No matter where you’re based or what you do, your IT services need to be cost effective, reliable, consistent and efficient. You can achieve all of this with ISO/IEC 20000 if you manage internal IT services or provide IT services as an outsourced service provider. Plus you’ll bring ITIL up to standard so that your IT services deliver exactly what’s needed.
What are the benefits of ISO/IEC 20000?

• Achieve international best practice standards of IT service management
• Develop IT services that are driven by and support business objectives
• Integrate people, processes and technology to support business goals
• Put in place controls to measure and maintain consistent levels of service
• ISO/IEC 20000 is compatible with ITIL to support continual improvement


Who to Attend

Organizations wanting to implement a viable and enduring social responsibility program tailored after global best practices.

• It Managers and entire IT unit
• It Consultants and service providers
• IT Auditors