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Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership – Dubai 

Course Name – Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

Course Fee – USD 1200/- without accommodation.

                     USD 1800/- with accommodation inclusive of breakfast (Check in – April 21; Check out – April 27).

The course fee is inclusive of Lectures, Certificate approved by KHDA (Knowledge of Human and development Authority), UAE, lecture materials, accessories for each delegate for the lecture, hard copy printouts, two coffee breaks and buffet lunch for all four days, Day 5 dinner on Yacht Cruise with limousine ride with other opportunities of networking.

This Course will be held from April 22 – 26, at Melia Hotel, Dubai which includes four days of lecture and the last day class dinner.

Day 1 – Strategic Management

The lecture will be about the differences between traditional planning and Strategic planning, the core concepts, theories and process of Strategic Management, attaining competitive advantage and a touch on blue ocean strategy which will guide you to route yourself to becoming an active global business player.

Day 2 – Marketing Management

The second day lecture will evolve from the flow of Day 1 concentrating on the Marketing aspects and theories, concentrating on marketing mix and marketing strategies.

Day 3 – People Management

As workforce issues are predominant these days, handling staff or teams has become a challenge. In order to excel in workforce management, this lecture covers all aspects of organizational behaviour and leadership skill enhancements.

Day 4 – Finance Management

Finance for Nonfinancial managers includes modules that involve profit maximization, wealth management, cost benefit analysis, basic of accounts and financial interpretation, financial ratios, and cash flow management.

The lectures include presentation slides, class sessions with case studies, videos, activities and other exercises to elaborate in detail with practical examples in order to conceptualise within your workplace. We have designed the course for all professionals regardless of your industry. There will be group presentations and simulation activities as we round up the workshop. To commemorate the event, we will conclude with a mini convocation ceremony involving certificate distribution and followed by photography session.

Day 5 – Class Dinner (Yacht Cruise)

As networking is essential to exhilarate today’s business world, we have a class dinner which will be in a yacht cruise at the Marina for two hours, inclusive of a limousine ride to and from the hotel location and other activities as well.

Venue: Melia Hotel, Dubai ( 


To request for course registration form and payment details kindly contact us as shown below;

SMS 08174854828.

CALL 08174854828 


Registration closes 3 weeks before course commencement. Limited spaces available

This course is delivered by Svarna Training Institute ( in partnership with OAK Interlink Company Limited.



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